Foundation  The Root

In the Foundation Phase, I assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses, identify the movement patterns, and incorporate the fundamental and corrective movements.
This phase is customized for you and aims to resolve the contributing factors to your pains and imbalances so that you can build a solid foundation to embrace a new level of strength.

Alignment  The Trunk

In the Alignment Phase, I examine how your head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles line up with each other in relation to your skeleton. This phase teaches you to move efficiently while improving your overall posture, building total-body strength, and establishing a sound mind-body awareness through a customized movement program.

Performance  The Branches

As you reach the Performance Phase, you already have established a solid ground and ready to concentrate on your ultimate physical and mental intentions. In this phase, the movement programming is tailored to your specific goals, whether you want to get trained for seasonal snowboarding, running around the block with your kids, or being healthy for your grandkids.


Offerings All services are offered online

If you are not sure which of my services are the best fit for you, book a 30-min complimentary zoom call with me, and we can figure that out together.

M3 is a series of semi-private movement coaching sessions that tie mobility, movement and mindfulness together. Throughout this program, you finally get to dive deep into resolving that lingering discomfort, taking your flexibility back, improving your posture, and building mental/ physical strength in small groups of six. These series are available for once/week, at $160 plus tax and twice/week, at $260 plus tax. Read more!

1-on-1 movement coaching is designed around individual needs and goals. That may include post-injury recovery, chronic pain management, lifestyle transformation, strength training, holistic approach to health, nutritional guideline, etc. The packages are offered on a month to month basis, and depending on your ideal commitment, you can book 4 sessions/month, 8 sessions/month, and 12 sessions/month. Email me to know the package prices.

The hybrid movement coaching program is a more flexible program, among other services, that is suitable for people who are looking for a smaller dose of commitment both financially and timely. The program requires you to commit to a once/month one-on-one coaching session, ongoing in-home training, plus weekly check-in on your progress. Contact me to learn more.

Please contact me directly to book a workshop for your event, company or corporation. I am always interested in educating people on topics like movement, meditation, mental health, injury and chronic pain.