In this part of the web, your body teaches your mind how to move, not the other way around.

The JUMP training method allows your body to re-member with its capabilities and helps you go beyond limitations (i.e., injuries, chronic pain, fear of activity, etc.)

If you are new to moving your body, welcome to this work. Your body will love you for it, and your body’s magical powers will blow your mind too.

If you’ve been active all your life and tried so many different fitness classes and maybe worked with other coaches and personal trainers, I want you to know that you are in for a treat. So keep an open mind and let your mind be blown by what your body is capable of.

I understand how challenging it can be to work your way through limitations as someone who dealt with multiple injuries myself and health issues; I praise you for wanting to take the first step into your journey.

You deserve to feel at peace and supported with your body. 

Learning to connect to your body is a gateway to moving beyond your perceived limitations and experiencing your life in the fullest way possible.

The healing journey is long-lasting when you practice Joy, Upliftment, Mindfulness, and Performance. I am so honored to guide you through your JUMP journey.

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Kirsten Campbell Avatar
Kirsten Campbell
11/15/2019 - Google

Before working with Hedi, my idea of a personal training session was one in which the client limped away, sweating and crying. As such, I avoided it like the plague. I'm glad I got over myself and took the plunge. Each session is tailored to me, focusing on strengthening muscles I didn't know existed, stretching, and more. It's not about feeling like I had a workout because I"m sweating. Hedi's training has blown my mind and given me a new idea of what personal training can be.

Maedeh De Avatar
Maedeh De
11/15/2019 - Google

I’ve been training with Hedi for a year now. I have attended both her personal training sessions and group classes. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she goes over and beyond to tailor your workout based on your body type and weaknesses in order for you to see the best result. my left hip is slightly tilted and I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my posture since training with Hedi. Also, I would totally recommend her fun and energetic group classes for anyone looking to spice up their workouts.
Thanks Hedi

Sandy Gerber Avatar
Sandy Gerber
3/26/2020 - Google

I have achieved incredible results by working with Hedi! Her training is ideal for anyone who wants to feel stronger after an injury or striving to feel better while dealing with a chronic illness. Before her personal training, I was experiencing daily discomfort from Lupus and a slow meniscus tear recovery. I felt better immediately working out with Hedi and after four months training, I am so much stronger and I am able to recover so much quicker when my illness reactivates my injury. Hedi provides a fantastic variety of exercises each session and she is very knowledgeable and focused on the best movements to create results. It feels so good to stretch properly, workout hard and then end the session in a meditation. Having worked with trainers before, no one comes close to delivering physical movement results in such a caring and professional way. Thank you Hedi!!


My name is Hedi Shah, Owner of JUMP Wellness Coaching; Over the years, I had the privilege of guiding hundreds of clients in their healing journey from their pains and aches. I created a model that’s radically different from what you may have experienced in rehab or personal training sessions. My model uplifts you to move beyond your perceived limitation rooted in your nervous system through movement and mindfulness so that you can experience greater joy and performance.

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Let's learn our body's language together

Let's change our collective narrative around movement and make movement medicine again

And together, we can tap into our body's magical powers to heal and thrive

Let this ride begin here