Not only do I observe the body as a whole, but I also re-introduce you to your body through developing mind-body awareness, applying neurofundamentals, and understanding biomechanics with a spark of my intuition.

The JUMP model allows you to go deep beyond muscles and tissues into your joints and neurological programming. Understanding the psychology of pain and being equipped with various ways of resourcing the nervous system allows you to move through your injuries without triggering the symptoms again.

Also, understanding that injury happens when applied load stress exceeds the tissue’s load-bearing capacity allows us to work on injured areas confidently with regress to progress programing. So you can make sure the same injury wouldn’t occur again.

I help you explore your way beyond your perceived limits rather than pushing you through them. This only happens if you learn to work along with your nervous system, not against it.

Your nervous system is responsible for keeping you safe by sending pain signals to my brain. If you already have injuries and ongoing chronic pain, these pain alarms are super responsive to any potential threats (in this case, movement). You may feel pain from the nervous system, even though the movement itself doesn’t necessarily cause the pain.

That is why I take you through a super gentle, slow, and progressive training model. This model allows you to gradually adapt to new levels of physical and mental stressors with no fear of recurring and further injury.

I meet you where you are and compassionately hold space for you while exploring new ways to grow physically and mentally. So you can trust the process and feel supported, comfortable, and confident.