“Movement” vs “Training”

There are a time and a place to choose “movement” over “training.” 🤔


What is “training” ❓ It is a structured workout plan to achieve a specific goal that focuses on objectives like building strength, losing fat, gaining particular skills, and hitting 1 RM. So the frequency, time, volume, and intensity of your training program are tailored to what you ultimately want to achieve. And that is great!  💪🏻

What is “movement,” though❓ It’s a relatively unstructured and non-goal oriented workout plan combined with mindfulness. “Movement” intends to promote overall mental and physical wellbeing.


“Movement” revolves around:

✨quality, not quantity

✨exploring your body’s ability, not pushing through a workout

✨being in the moment with your breath, not focusing on what’s next

✨serving your body’s needs, not what your physical goals are

✨enhancing your overall holistic health

✨increasing resiliency to stress

✨improving movement capabilities


‼️COVID-19 Quarantine may not be a time or place for “training,” but it’s a perfect time and place for “movement.”


“Training” is arbitrary, but I believe “movement” is a way of life 💛


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