She Did It, You Can Do It Too 💪🏻

Hi JUMPer,

I don’t post before after photos of my clients on socials because:

Everyone’s journey is different and unique to their bodies needs, I don’t want you to believe your progress has to look a certain way

I don’t want to come across as a weight loss coach, because I don’t believe in the traditional weight-loss culture at all

The reason I’m posting the success story of my client, Jenny, is to show you no matter where you are in your health journey and how old you are, you can define your own version of success.

Jenny’s reason for starting her journey was to improve her posture and feel healthier. Since her stroke in 2006, she was afraid that exercising could cause more damage to her brain.

When she came to me, we started slow. For the first two months, we only focused on posture alignment, range of motion, body awareness, and mindful movement. Jenny trusted the process, she showed up courageously every session, she’s done her homework, and she took baby steps towards the healthiest version of herself.

Now, she moves her body in ways that felt impossible to her when she started. She moves better, lifts heavier, radiates joy, and she is looking forward to her session every time.

Bonus, she gets to enjoy food, indulges whenever she feels like it, and inspires the people around her

Do you want to start your journey? Do you want to know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there? Do you feel intimated by stepping into the gym?

I have two openings for 1:1 virtual movement coaching, email me for details or any questions

Stay awesome,

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