She Did It, You Can Do It Too 💪🏻

Hi JUMPer,

I don’t post before after photos of my clients on socials because:

Everyone’s journey is different and unique to their bodies needs, I don’t want you to believe your progress has to look a certain way

I don’t want to come across as a weight loss coach, because I don’t believe in the traditional weight-loss culture at all
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“Movement” vs “Training”

There are a time and a place to choose “movement” over “training.” 🤔


What is “training” ❓ It is a structured workout plan to achieve a specific goal that focuses on objectives like building strength, losing fat, gaining particular skills, and hitting 1 RM. So the frequency, time, volume, and intensity of your training program are tailored to what you ultimately want to achieve. And that is great!  💪🏻

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What is the one shift you can create in your life during this time?

During this crazy time that everything seems uncertain, you can either focus on all the things you CANNOT control and drain your energy; or you can focus on things that you CAN control and create the shifts that you always desired. But you didn’t have the time and the flexibility in your schedule.


I’m NOT talking about massive shifts here 🤓I’m talking about small changes that not only improve your mental and physical health at this time, but you will also be pleased you’ve done it when this craziness is over. (🌻hint: there is COVID-19 special at the end)

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