The JUMPer Guide | JAN 2020

JUMP stands for Joy, Upliftment, Mindfulness, and Performance.

Every month, I share things with you that allows me to live the JUMP life I desire, hoping they also inspire you to do the same!

  • The Joy of the month: This month was particularly hard to find joy, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of reoccurring post-concussion symptoms, and processing heavy emotions as a result of it (Let alone all the shitty stuff that has been going on in the world).
    What brought me joy, though, was the magic of knowing that I am supported by amazing practitioners, who hold space for me as I am going through my healing journey. If you had a rough month like me, I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I am here for you!


  • The Upliftment of the month: I am so excited to see the shift in the world of health and fitness. We need more real conversation around why we choose a certain lifestyle. I get asked pretty much every event I go to, what kind of diet do you recommend so I can lose weight fast? And my answer is NONE! If you’ve been feeling trapped in what diet to pursue I suggest you watch this video first and judge for yourself.


  • The Mindfulness practice of the month: In my last newsletter, I mentioned how much I love Davidji‘s meditations, guess what? I found his 40 days of transformation meditation on Spotify. As I am writing this I am on day 25 and I’ve been loving it. It’s worth trying if you are in the market for a good daily mindfulness practice.


  • The Performance Tip of the month: I finally recorded my upper body mobility & strength routine. This routine really helped me to gain some of my strength back since the accident.

1-on-1 Movement Coaching
Taking two new clients for the month of February on Mondays and Fridays

M3 Series is open for registration for February! 
M3 Series is a semi-private personal training session that ties mobility, movement, and meditation together.
These series are great for people who seek to incorporate a higher level of performance into their already active lifestyle. Throughout this program, you finally get to dive deep into resolving that lingering discomfort in your body, take your flexibility back, see change in your posture, and build mental and physical strengths. 💪🏻🙌🏻