Hi- I am Hedi, and I love bringing new movements into my life and yours. I’ve come to appreciate slow deep work and flow in my life compare to my higher intensity and martial arts training eras. The reason for this new-found appreciation was nothing more than an accident, a car accident to be exact.
After months of suffering from concussion, followed by severe headaches and fogginess, upper back and neck pain, and working with other coaches and an endless number of practitioners, I failed to notice any improvement in my condition. I pushed through pain and discomfort because that was the only way I knew how. I went through many phases ranging from anger and frustration to disappointment, but thankfully I found my way back to hope again and again.
After almost one year, I realized that pushing through pain didn’t seem sustainable in the long run, so I had to either give up or find a way through it. My significant progress started emerging as I began to learn about the nervous system, methods of tuning into my body, letting go of the “pushing” mentality, and exploring my body’s healing abilities.
My ongoing recovery experience ultimately shaped the way I work with clients today. I feel humbled by being a part of my clients’ transformation from pain to recovery every day. Through my personal experience and clients of all ages with different levels of injuries and complications, I’ve come to believe in our bodies’ magical abilities to heal and restore oneself.

Hedi Shah, Owner of
JUMP Wellness Coaching

L4 EREPS, ACE CPT, FRSHR Energy Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Coaching