Your body has magical powers to heal and restore when you are willing to do the deep work!

It's not about only moving your body; it's about connecting to your body when you move.

As a society, we take every opportunity to exit our body and spend as much time as possible in our mind. We've been told that being in our body is not safe like how we've been told our emotions are not safe.

Spending time in your body can be even more difficult when you've dealt with injuries, chronic pain, and a traumatic experience in your life.

But arriving in your body is your only way out.

Welcome to UNION!

By coming home to your body, you learn to connect to your body, and this is how you build trust again.

Feel free to book a call and ask away your questions.

Are you ready to start the journey? Choose your commitment below.

Over the past 4 years, I've been working closely with people from all walks of life with various complications and perceived limitations. I say "perceived" because our bodies have magical healing powers, but our minds tell us otherwise.

I understand how challenging it can be to work your way through limitations as someone who dealt with multiple injuries myself; I praise you for wanting to take the first step into your healing journey.

You deserve to feel at peace with your body. Learning to connect to your body is a gateway to moving beyond pain and injury and experience your life in the fullest way possible.

UNION includes:

This program aims to:

{meet you where you are} it doesn't matter whether you are an athlete or you never trained before you get exactly what you need for your body.
{teach you about your body} you understand the why behind every movement you do for your body, how to get the result you want, what you need to do to get the result you want.
{guide you to overcome injury} shift your mindset around injury & pain, recognize your emotions & fear, build strong body awareness, and regain trust in your body's ability to heal.

The way you move your body MUST enhance your life, make you more resilient to stress, and improve your movement capabilities.

The way you move your body is not necessarily about how you look on the outside; it's more about how functional you are in your day-to-day life.

Trust me; you don't have to carry that lingering knee pain, hip discomfort, pinching sensation in the shoulder, etc.

In UNION, you'll learn to:

  • trust your body again
  • move more efficiently by addressing the roots of your weakness and build a stronger foundation and solid physical alignment
  • improve body-mind connection by incorporating nervous system work
  • strengthen your energetic field by receiving heart resonance energy

And this is when...

  • you move beyond the pain
  • you improve your posture significantly
  • you experience more strength, mobility, and flexibility
  • you fill the gap between your bodies’ capability and your mind’s expectation
  • you build physical and mental strength


▪️2 times/week movement coaching for 3 months = 24 sessions/3month (each session is 60-75 min long)

▪️1 Heart Resonance Energy/month = 3 sessions/3month (each session is 30-45 min long)

▪️1 holistic coaching/month=3 sessions/3month (each session an hour long)


▪️weekly routine and checkin

▪️unlimited text and email support

▪️free attendance to public workshops (if you are interested to attend, no obligation)

You deserve to:

▪️ Enjoy weekend hikes without that annoying knee pain.

▪️ Pick up your little kiddo without being scared of hurting your lower back again.

▪️ Sit long hours behind your computer to deliver your best work without dying from chronic neck and upper back pains.

▪️ Take your fitness to the next level without experiencing the same ankle pain that hinders your progress.

You can have a body that supports you, not hinders you.

Your body has magical healing abilities, and you deserve to experience them.

You deserve that strong body to help you pursue exciting life adventures.

Clients' Stories

Lloyd Brager Avatar
Lloyd Brager
11/20/2019 - Google

I have been working with Hedi at JUMP Wellness for about three months now. Her seemingly small and continuous adjustments as we train show a deep knowledge and care in her craft. Hedi’s assessments are spot on and she has an ability to zero in on the issue(s) for each activity as she focuses to find the issue. She then relays to you what movements and muscles need to engage (or not engage) in a way that allows you to focus a connection between mind & body that makes sense and you remember.

The results have been tremendous, Thanks Hedi!!

Sandy Gerber Avatar
Sandy Gerber
3/26/2020 - Google

I have achieved incredible results by working with Hedi! Her training is ideal for anyone who wants to feel stronger after an injury or striving to feel better while dealing with a chronic illness. Before her personal training, I was experiencing daily discomfort from Lupus and a slow meniscus tear recovery. I felt better immediately working out with Hedi and after four months training, I am so much stronger and I am able to recover so much quicker when my illness reactivates my injury. Hedi provides a fantastic variety of exercises each session and she is very knowledgeable and focused on the best movements to create results. It feels so good to stretch properly, workout hard and then end the session in a meditation. Having worked with trainers before, no one comes close to delivering physical movement results in such a caring and professional way. Thank you Hedi!!

Inna Dashkova Avatar
Inna Dashkova
10/02/2019 - Google

Hedi is a great personal trainer!
She really cares about you getting healthier and pain free.
I work out on my own regularly, but I had pain in some areas of my body that would not go away. Hedi was able to locate the source of my pain. She showed me a couple of specific exercises that I added to my workout. And I feel so much better now.
If you want to better understand your body, do not wait, come work out with Hedi!

Let your body show you what's possible

Over the years, she has facilitated so many transformations in clients physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clients from all walks of life, different ages, with various health histories, injuries, and backgrounds. And she’s come to firmly believe “our bodies have magical ability to heal and restore oneself if we are willing to do the deep work.” And deep down, all of us crave to be whole again.

Hedi dealt with her fair share of health issues and injuries, including servere case of PCOS, a hip and foot injury from her martial art days, and still working her way through a concussion that resulted in neck and back trauma.

She’s committed to change the narrative around movement and the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. She guides people to attend to the stories that their bodies have to tell through deep work so they can experience greater joy and performance in their lives.

Hedi’s dedication to her craft got her to study various subjects. Some of them include Neurofundamnetals, Human Biomechanics, Full Range Conditioning (FRCsm), Heart Resonance Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Personal Training. She’s also an ACE and EREPS certified Personal Trainer.

Today, she leads various 1:1 and group movement coaching sessions, Heart Resonance energy work and shares her knowledge through public workshops.

Meet your coach, Hedi Shah

movement coach, health educator, and healing facilitator

Let's learn our body's language together

Let's change our collective narrative around movement and make movement medicine again

And together, we can tap into our body's magical powers to heal and thrive

Let this ride begin here

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